Adopting a Kitty

Thank you for your interest in adopting a kitty from Cool Cats Rescue! First of all, please think it through. Do you have the time, energy and resources to devote to a new kitty? Are you committed to caring for the kitty for the next 18-20 years? Please carefully read the important information below.

Our adoption process is very simple just follow the steps

Step 1 - Please fill out the adoption application form and return it to us at

Click here for Adoption Form. Please print, complete, scan and e-mail to

Step 2 - If you are having difficulty using the application, please copy the contents of the application and insert into an email with your responses.

Step 3 - Your application will usually be viewed within 24 hours upon sending.

Step 4 - A Cool Cats Rescue representative will contact you regarding the status of the animal and with any questions. If your application is approved, we will schedule a meet and greet.

Step 5 - If the Adoption Application is approved and the adoption goes through, you will need to fill out and sign the Adoption Agreement.

Step 6 - All of our kitties must remain INDOOR-ONLY kitties. They have not been rescued off the streets or euthanasia lists so that they can be put back outside and be in harms way again.

The safety and lifetime well-being of our kitties is our main priority, so please read each animal description carefully as there may be requirements for the home a kitty can be adopted to. All animals in your home presently must be altered (spayed or neutered) in order for you to be considered for an adoptive placement.

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