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We are passionate and dedicated animal lovers on a mission to turn homeless kitties into beloved companion animals. The following are some of the many ways you can help us grow and save even more kitties:

Kitten Handlers, Foster Kittens, Fundraising, Grant Writers and Professionals.

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Foster homes are critical to the mission of Cool Cats Rescue.

We seek to place kitties who are not quickly adopted or who need some extra TLC into loving, responsible foster homes so that they can become ready for adoption. Often, all these kitties need is someone to spend a little time with them and to advocate for them at adoption events. If you are able to make the commitment to guide a kitty (or a litter of kittens) into a forever home, please contact us.

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It takes money to save kitties.

The hard reality is that vet care is incredibly expensive and we have lots of other costs as well, litter, cat food and more. Help us to help kitties

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