The Foster Home

A foster home is a short-term safe haven for a rescued kitten or kittens. It is a place for them to learn some new skills, and to prepare for a new home. Foster homes are a critical component of our program. It can be a place where sick kittens go to recover or scared kittens learn to trust. When you foster, you also allow us to save more kittens. It's a great experience to know you have literally saved a life! Now, don't you want to join us? Start by filling out our short foster application.

The Foster Parent

Provide a safe, secure and stable environment for a needy kitten or kittens. Help your kitten polish his or her manners and become more adoptable. Monitor your foster kitten's health and well-being and seek advice as needed. Provide information to the organization about your foster kitten's personality and behavior. Ensure your foster kitten attends regular adoption events at local venues.

The Kittens

Pretty much all kittens are available for foster, but mostly those that have not yet been spayed/neutered, are requiring medical treatment or need socialization.

Support from Cool Cats Rescue

Support and guidance. Medical care, as long as it is pre-approved and given by our vet. Supplies if needed, although we would appreciate it if our fosters provide food and litter for their kittens.

Begin the Journey

Please consider becoming a foster parent. By taking just one needy rescue kitten into your home, you are making the difference between life and death. Your commitment creates a space for us to take another kitten out of the shelter or off the streets and save another life.